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Financial Planning for Families

Financial Planning

When it comes to wealth, we have been taught that there are two destinations; the place we live and work now, and the place we plan to travel ‘someday.’

No matter your ideal ‘someday’ destination, this dual approach relies on savings and growth as a mode of transportation. It also assumes that you must save money from whatever is left of your current income AND achieve significant rates of return on your investments. Not only is this a risky route to wealth, it’s slow-going and inefficient.

In reality, your wealth isn’t a destination at all. Just as your car has a frame, an engine and a seating compartment; your financial life has three systems that work together to get you where you’d like to go.

These three systems are:

  • The money you save (Accumulated Wealth)
  • The money you spend on the things you need and want (Lifestyle)
  • And the money you give up (Transfer)

At High Road Financial Planning, we shine our headlights on financial inefficiencies so that you can put them in your rear view mirror.

Some of the main barriers on the road to wealth are the financial potholes that crop up in the form of lifestyle spending, interest on debt, taxes, and timing of payments to your mortgage and retirement accounts. The Advisors at High Road Financial Planning survey the route and pinpoint problem areas so that you can avoid them altogether. After all, it’s easier to navigate around road hazards than to repair the damage of driving into them.

Our Retirement and Cash Flow Planning will put you behind the wheel with your finances by:

  • check
    Lifting the fog of financial myths
  • check
    Identifying unnecessary losses and financial inefficiencies
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    Providing a dashboard to inform your choices about where your money goes and when


When it comes to money, there are so many questions over the long haul.

You may be asking yourself:

1 - Is there a way to generate consistent income after retirement?

2 - How much money is enough?

3 - Will there be enough savings to maintain a lifestyle and cover rising costs over time?

4 - Is it possible to guard against market conditions or unexpected injury, illness or premature death?

We can help you answer these questions and many more. That way, you can keep your eye on the horizon and prepare to enjoy the sunset of your career.

Maintaining your current standard of living throughout retirement requires careful money management.

Let us help you develop gauges to keep you on track, including:

1 - The rate of return you need to get on your savings

2 - How long you need to work before retiring

3 - What to expect over time

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