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About Us

Helping people just like you since 2004

I’ll be the first to admit that the words “innovative” and “revolutionary are rarely used to describe the average Financial Advisor.

But then again, I’m not ‘average’ - and neither are you. I’ve been an independent, licensed Insurance and Investment Advisor since 2004, and my passion is helping people like you understand your options – to help you create financial freedom and establish a legacy for those you love.,

My specialty is Financial Cash Flow Planning and Insurance. What that really means is that I take the time to help you uncover your truths in personal finance. You’ll be amazed how your mindset and beliefs about money can pave the way to financial success.

You’ll leave our meetings with a new perspective and, most importantly, a roadmap to your dreams. Together we’ll survey the road ahead, preparing the tools you need to overcome emergencies along the route. The High Road to service is reinforced with integrity, compassion and understanding. In short, you can count on me for support no matter where your travels take you. And I’ll be cheering you all the way.

Sandra Stewart, LLQP, C.C.S